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Obama AND Bernie Sanders ENDORSE Joe Biden, Doesn’t Matter!

Former President Barack Obama has (FINALLY!) given his full endorsement to his Vice President, Joe Biden. Many online and off have pointed out the obvious – the length of time Biden has been running for President without as much as a kind word from Obama.

According to several sources, Obama has a policy of endorsing candidates after the primary is concluded. Or, in this case, when nobody else is running. Maybe he thinks it would be unfair to the other Democrats running in the race? It’s hard to tell.

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Obama’s alleged policy doesn’t make a ton of sense if this election is as important as the left say. What would make sense is if a strong Democratic Presidential candidate were introduced early on and given the full support of the Democratic party so they’d have the best change of defeating the opposition.

If one were to simply zoom out and look at the situation without bias, none of this makes any sense. Joe Biden is obviously in cognitive decline. Some say it’s early stages of dementia. Some want to label public episodes that display his mental decline as “gaffes.” Whatever the clinical definition and/or official diagnosis for Biden’s condition is, it’s clear that he is not in good shape. He should not be running at all! But a desperate and discombobulated Democratic will do nearly anything to win, except for make sound decisions.

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