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English Hospital Drops the Term ‘Breastmilk’ for ‘Human Milk’

In the virtuous name of gender inclusion, a hospital from across the pond in England issued an advisory to its nurses to swap the terms “breastfeeding” and “breast milk” for more inclusive terms like “human milk” and “breast/chest milk,’ according to the Washington Examiner. </–end sarcasm–>

The English hospital also intends to avoid the word “mothers” to appeal to a demographic that seems to represent only one percent of England.

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It’s official. The Women’s March is over and the female gender is gradually being cancelled. With transgender girls taking the stage in high school athletics in the U.S., it seems Girl Power is no match for a Woke Society. And in case you haven’t heard, the House of Representatives introduced rules replacing terms like “father, mother, son, daughter” with “parent and child.”

Japan Airlines is also following suit with the notion, forgoing “ladies and gentlemen” with “everyone” and “all passengers.” The spokesman for the airline said this was an effort to “create a positive atmosphere.” Once upon a time, “ma’am” and “sir” were considered polite forms of address. But it’s 2021 and you can’t be cordial anymore without stepping on someone’s triggered toes.

Pretty soon, no one will be fighting for women’s rights anymore because it will be rendered irrelevant in a progressive society. Let’s hope third-wave feminists everywhere see how their efforts have backfired and that they, too, can’t escape the death grip of cancel culture and political correctness.

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  1. This is true. I live in England where trans-rights are now superceding women’s rights in every way. I downloaded the hospital’s maternity brochure and they have specialist nurses and midwives employed for biological women who self-identify as men who become pregnant and give birth as the ‘father’ of the child – and who also may choose to ‘chest feed’ the baby by taking drugs to induce milk production. It’s all very mixed up, confusing and bizarre to get your head around and I can’t imagine how any child would be able to figure it out having being born from their mother-father-person. A biological female is not a man – men don’t have wombs and can’t give birth; but to say this in England will literally attract death threats towards you!


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