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Mark Cuban Told The Mavericks To Stop Playing The US National Anthem, Until…

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA basketball team Dallas Mavericks, told the team to stop playing the National Anthem before home games this season. So for the first twelve games or so, no anthem was played. Cuban says that some players on his team felt like the Star-Spangled Banner did not represent them. The decision to scrap the pre-game anthem is no doubt influenced by the “bubble” season in Orlando after the virus derailed the 2019-2020 season. The bubble was dominated by messaging of Black Lives Matter on the physical basketball court and on players’ on-court attire.

Cuban’s decision went relatively unnoticed until it hit the media. When that happened, Pandora’s Box immediately opened. A lot of fans do not like the overly-political messaging of sports because games are supposed to be fun and not a lecture. People play and/or watch games for entertainment and for an escape, not for further immersion into a sometimes pitiful reality. This is exactly why all of the “Black Lives Matter” messaging was left back in Orlando and did not make its way onto the court in the 2020-2021 season.

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The NBA does not like Mark Cuban’s decision to stop the Mavericks from playing the anthem, either. As soon as the news of Cuban’s decision picked up steam, the NBA released a statement saying that every NBA team must play the anthem before their games. This, of course, includes the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban responded by saying he is “OK” with the NBA’s decision. But only time will tell the full story of how owners, GMs, players, coaches, etc will respond to the decision from the NBA to tell everyone to play the anthem before each game.


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  1. Hello, Mr. Logan
    Do you ever watch the man in the street asking people history questions? Our people cannot answer the most fundamental questions about our founding fathers, the American revolution, the Civil War, and on and on and on! It’s disgraceful that our educational system has become so void of those facts that elicit reverence and pride. No wonder the national anthem is disrespected and even unrecognized. It has become devoid of meaning and easily waylaid in this cancel culture!


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