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ESPN Host Jalen Rose Says USA Men’s Basketball Afraid To Send All Black Team To The Olympics

ESPN host Jalen Rose gave a controversial take on the 2021 USA Men’s basketball headed to Tokyo for the Olympic games. Rose says that the only white player on the team, Kevin Love, is there because of tokenism. He says “they” (whoever “they” may be) are afraid to put forth an all-black Team USA. Jalen Rose is a former NBA basketball player and his opinion on all things basketball-related is taken seriously. Especially because of his high-profile position over at ESPN. But his take on Team USA and the fear of an all-black team is a comment made out of either ignorance or simply from being a liar.


Jalen Rose says Kevin Love is only on Team USA’s Olympic roster due to ‘tokenism’ | Cavaliers Nation

Jalen Rose misfires on ‘tokenism’ remark; Cavs star only 2nd White player to make Team USA since 1996 | Fox News

Jalen Rose criticizes Kevin Love’s ‘token’ Team USA selection |

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