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European Climate Activists Are Totally Out Of Control

Several videos have appeared online of climate activists in Europe behaving in a completely out-of-control manner. One video showed a man, possibly in Poland, who glued himself to the asphalt in the middle of a road. In the video, the man is surrounded by all sorts of hand-held tools. The tools are clearly there as part of an attempt to get the man off the ground. He was eventually freed from the ground, but left with a giant chunk of asphalt still affixed to his hand.

Another video shows climate protesters in the United Kingdom blocking a main road with a lot of cars behind them. A civilian, who is apparently dressed in work clothing, attacked some of the “protesters” blocking the road. The purpose of his “attack” was to simply free up the road for travel of the vehicles that were blocked and honking their horns. Police were actually standing by and not only allowing the climate activists to block traffic, but they also arrested the man for attempting to remove them.

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In contrast to the UK video featuring police officers protecting climate activists, a video in Germany shows the complete opposite. Climate activists were filmed sitting on the road and, within seconds, police rushed in and cleared the scene. This is clearly the way things should work instead of the rabble-rousers being allowed to do whatever they desire.


Clown World ™ 🤡 on Twitter: “Climate activist glues himself to the road 🤦‍♂️” / Twitter

Martin Daubney 🇬🇧 on Twitter: “Compare how German cops deal with climate protestors blocking roads with the soft-soap treatment of the Met If only we had boys in blue like this! 👏🏻 🚨” / Twitter

Hodgetwins on Twitter: “The cops arrest the guy that moves the people off the road and not the dumbass protesters 🤡” / Twitter

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