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College Student Given “Zero” On Assignment Due To Using The Term “Biological Women”

A college student took to TikTok to express her grievance over getting a zero for using the term “biological women” in a project proposal. The professor said that while her proposal was solid, the term “biological women” is exclusionary and unallowed as it further reinforces heteronormativity. The project proposal did count toward her final grade in a course that only has about 15 or so total assignments.

The teacher did not specify whether such terms could or could not be used in the coursework. However, the syllabus did have certain language that behave as immediate red flags to anyone with a hint of conservative ideology. The student’s paper was about biological men competing against biological women in sports. Obviously, it is impossible to write about such a subject without using the term “biological women”.

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College student says she got a ‘zero’ on assignment for using the words ‘biological women’ · American Wire News

Right Side of History™️ on Twitter: “College student gets a 0 on an assignment for using the words “biological women.” The professor wrote that although the proposal was good, the term “ ‘biological women,’ is not allowed in the course because it further reinforces heteronormativity.” I’m at a loss for words.” / Twitter

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