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Even Trump’s Voice Is Banned From Facebook

[OPINION] If you haven’t come across Lara Trump’s interview with Former President Donald Trump anywhere on Facebook, that’s because the platform decided it was too much for our sensitive eyes to see.

In Eric Trump’s viral post, it appears an email was sent by a Facebook rep, informing the Trump family that they would strike the video down if it surfaced on the social media platform. It appears that even the former president’s voice isn’t allowed, according to the statement by the representative and that this even applied to Lara Trump, who isn’t even a politician. It appears that media elites are going to find any means necessary to make him pay for the January incident at the Capitol.

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To fight back against this widespread oppression, the 45th president recently launched his own website where followers can receive updates and his much-anticipated commentary on matters arising in the current administration. Additionally, Trump announced the launch of his own social media platform — a move that appeals to many conservatives who are fed up with Big Tech censorship.

And it’s a sound move, indeed. Many of us are burned by 30-day bans, demonetization and being removed from platforms altogether for supporting the Former POTUS and sharing his message for America. So it’s wise to create and support new conservative networks that keep the lines of communication open. The exchange of ideas is a vital aspect of our First Amendment right, and without it, the fabric of our nation is frayed and will come unraveled for sure.


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