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AOC Equates Using The Term “Surge” In Border Crisis To White Supremacy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) lashed out at critics on a recent Instagram Live over their use of the word “surge” to describe the border crisis. The Congresswoman from New York said that the word alludes to a militaristic atmosphere that is improper since the people at the southern border are children. AOC also stated that the “othering” of new people coming in has roots in white supremacy. Needless to say, AOC’s reaction was met with an even more swift and brutal reaction from the crowd that she was referencing due to the clear holes in her logic.

AOC visited the Southern Border back in 2019 and she took the now-infamous pictures of herself crying at a chain-link fence. The narrative behind the pictures was that AOC was experiencing distress from looking at all of the children who were kept out of the country due to Trump’s zero-tolerance policy. But in reality, she was at a legal port of entry and it was basically an empty parking lot. Nobody was really there aside from AOC’s crew dressed in all white and border security. But now that there is an actual border crisis and not a phony one manufactured as a political weapon, AOC’s tone is more vitriolic and abrasive rather than sad and demure.

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Invoking “white supremacy” as a way to try and dismiss border critics is completely ridiculous. AOC alluded to “the fear of others” coming in as a reason why there are critics of the border crisis. People on the woke side of the aisle like AOC always complain about gentrification which is the same thing, aside from the illegal aliens part. And the only issue with the border is the fact that they are illegal. There is no crisis with legal aliens coming in. AOC is simply projecting when she says “fear of others” because that goes back to the gentrification thing.

All politicians on the left and the right use the word “surge” to refer to an increase of people at the Southern Border. Joe Biden himself urged a surge at the border during his campaign. Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and others have also used the term. So it simply does not make sense to attack regular people on Instagram for using the term when everyone else in Washington uses it. Furthermore, the word “surge” is not a slur of any kind. It is a factual term in the dictionary that is used appropriately. AOC is simply trying to deflect away from the question of the border crisis because Democrats have control of all three major houses. So the responsibility for a thing that AOC was passionate about when Trump was in charge now falls into her own lap.


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