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“Everything’s Gonna Be All White” 2022 Trailer Reaction

Showtime will soon debut a new show called “Everything’s Gonna Be All White”. The 2022 documentary-style tv show will cover topics of “race” from the “minority” perspective. Much of the content in the trailer is vehemently anti-white. The show comes off as “preachy” to whites while completely absolving non-whites of any responsibility for their living conditions. The clips also do not speak about the atrocities minorities have done to other minority groups without the intervention of the proverbial “white man”. Quite frankly, much of the available content has been recycled for months and years now. The issue is that it is becoming common for shows like this to exist.


‘everything’s gonna be all white’: SHOWTIME®’s Provocative New Docu-series Explores the History of Race | EURweb

Everything’s Gonna Be All White (TV Series 2022– ) – IMDb

everything’s gonna be all white (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Series : television

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  1. Fancy fake black actress breaks into ebonics for the role in this propaganda piece. Does she have a bottle of hot sauce in her purse also?

  2. ^^ Exactly. All one need do is look at factual history and what voluntarily enlisted blacks (ironically many of which were recently freed saves I might add) did to native American Indians and Hawaiians under the “convert or exterminate” mandate… Mass genocide, check. Relocation and resources stolen, check. Banned culture and languages, check. Segregation and discrimination, check. Etc., so on and so forth, starting in the 1500’s right up to present day policy – again, much of which is being made and enforced by black hypocrites.

  3. Yes and then if we take a look at the origins of slavery going back to the earliest written records we land right in africa where it all began. the black tribal leaders organized, carried out and profited from selling people to the spanish and portuguese. on top of that the blacks “moors” (which literally translates to black) enslaved millions of white skinned europeans and asians. then the roman armies which partially consisted on africans, also slaughtered and enslaved millions of white people in northern europe, scotland and england. bottom line is this show is nothing but disinformation trying to rewrite history and cancel culture.

    in the usa today blacks make up just 12% of the population and yet commit over 60% of the crime. 90% of all blacks murdered are killed by blacks. more white people than blacks (and more native indians per capita) are killed by police every year. on and on we go.

    learn some factual history and educate yourself ffs… this show contains nothing but lies.

  4. Blacks always like to say all humans come from Africa! Yeah, um okay, so if that is true then aren’t we ALL Africans and therefor one in the same “race”?! So which is it then? Make up your uneducated delusional mind already. You cant have it both ways dumb dumb.


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