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Fani Willis Admits To Relationship With Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has confirmed her romantic relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. The admission has become public knowledge as CBS News exclusively obtained a draft of a court motion from Fani Willis’s legal team. This is a bombshell revelation as the Election Interference case centered around Donald Trump may be affected. However, Willis is attempting to downplay any wrongdoing outside of Wade’s extramarital affair. In early January, one of the co-defendants in the election interference case, Michael Roman, alleged that Willis and Wade were having an affair. From Roman’s point of view, the nature of said affair could be enough to void the entire case.

Since Michael Roman’s accusations against Fani Willis and Nathan in early January, there has been a deluge of information about their relationship. Nathan’s wife, Jocelyn, provided credit card receipts showing that Wade paid thousands of dollars for trips he attended with Willis. The receipts also show Wade purchasing plane tickets in Willis’s name. Public records show that Wadae has been paid over $650,000 since January 2022 from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. That money must be signed off by the District Attorney, Fani Willis. There is also an allegation that Wade was partially paid by monies earmarked for COVID relief.

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If it is determined that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade began having a romantic relationship before she appointed Wade as Special Prosecutor, his appointment could be considered inappropriate or illegal. Especially since it is alleged that she did not follow the proper channels to hire him in the first place.


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