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Far-Left Liberal Ana Kasparian Says Democrats Ruined California

Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks says that Democrats and their policies have ruined the state of California. Kasparian, a far-left liberal, spoke about this issue on an episode of the Patrick Bet David Podcast. She detailed some of the serious problems that plague Los Angeles and San Francisco. L.A. (and other California cities) has a problem with open-air prostitution. Ana spoke about women walking around in way-too-revealing clothing all hours of the day and night. There is also the issue of rampant drug use, especially in San Francisco. Ana says that prostitution, drug use, and the overall problem with crime in California come from a lack of enforcement due to Democratic policies. She was completely correct about the problem, but the solution is where she runs into a brick wall.


“California is a Sh!t Show” – Reaction to Gavin Newsom Meeting With President Xi Jinping – YouTube

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