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Fauci Advises Wearing Two Masks, Says It’s “Common Sense”

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently appeared on television to lay out his case in favor of wearing two masks instead of just one. The long-time DC health care professional then went on to say that “double-masking” is a matter of common sense. Not long after Fauci’s comments went public, nearly immediately, regular people in the street began to double-up on their masks while doing everyday tasks like grocery store shopping. CNBC ran a story shortly after Fauci’s comments to show the benefits of wearing three masks. All of this is out of control.

The CNBC story advocating for three masks rated the three mask option as having a 90% efficiency rate compared to a 75% efficiency rate for the two mask option. What the story did not state is what specific type of mask the rating applies to. Although there was one type of mask pictured on screen, not everyone will pay attention to the screen or be in a place to where they can see it. Someone may simply take a handful of N95-style masks and triple those up. Which would do nothing but severely limit the airway to the point of near suffocation.

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Everyone agrees that it is important to take steps to protect themselves and others in society. Like wearing a seatbelt and using a turning signal while in a vehicle on the road. But the fear of a car accident shouldn’t call for NASCAR-style roll cages in Toyota Corollas. At a certain point, the concern for safety goes overboard and may even endanger the person utilizing the recommended safety procedures. People like Anthony Fauci should understand that going overboard with safety concerns will cause unintended consequenes. But yet, he carries on. Long lost is the man who back in March of 2020 said that there is no need to wear a mask if you’re not sick.


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