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Biden Reverses Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Joe Biden has reversed the “controversial” military transgender ban that Donald Trump enacted during his Presidency. The Biden administration wants to send a clear signal to the LGBT community that they are on their side, so the ban was a key piece of legislation that needed to be reversed. The Trump administration initially carried out the ban because of the myriad complications that transgender servicemen/women cause in the military.

To understand the original military transgender “ban”, it is important to dig a little bit deeper into the rule to see what it actually covers. Under the transgender ban, some transgender servicemen/women were allowed to remain in the military while others weren’t. As long as a person served as their biological gender and, most importantly, did not have the specific mental condition called “gender dysphoria”, they were allowed to serve. The key to the military transgender ban is gender dysphoria.

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Before Trump enacted the ban, and now that Biden has reversed it, transgender servicemen and women with gender dysphoria will be eligible to get treated for their disorder. There are multiple ways to treat that particular ailment, but the most “effective” one is gender reassignment surgery – better known as a “sex change.” And since the treatment is given by the military, that means servicemen and women will be eligible for free sex changes. The military is not a private company and it is funded by the American taxpayer. That means taxpayer money will go to sex changes in the military.

Aside from the enormous cost that free sex changes in the military could be, there is also the issue of battle readiness. If a person has a sex change and then requires medication/treatment for that on top of therapy and medication to deal with their mental illness, they are not as prepared as other servicemen and women. When it comes time to battle, they will be at an obvious disadvantage. This is the same reason why people with ailments like diabetes are sometimes precluded from military service. It may be difficult to keep insulin safe and available in a scorching hot tent in Afghanistan.


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