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FBI Arrests Woman Who Spit On Elderly Man During Delta Flight For Not Wearing His Mask

A 51-year-old woman named Patricia Cornwall was arrested by the FBI after her Delta flight landed in Atlanta for spitting on an 80-year-old man. The dispute was over the man not wearing his mask on the plane. Ironically enough, Cornwall did not have her mask on throughout the entire argument. It all started when Cornwall was trying to get from point A to point B while walking the plane’s cabin. Flight attendants were passing out food and drink at the time. They use a cart that temporarily blocks the aisle of the cabin, so she was forced to wait. During her wait, she spotted the man without his mask on and decided to focus a ton of energy and rage on him.

Video of the incident was released by ATL Uncensored on Twitter. It has millions of views across multiple platforms. Patricia Cornwall has been labeled as a “Mask Karen” which is exactly what the man in the video was referring to her as. Since the video has gone viral, people have discovered a little more about Cornwall. She is a former Raiders cheerleader (known as a Raiderette). She also appeared in Playboy Magazine and an episode of Baywatch. It is not clear if she left the Hollywood hustle-and-bustle lifestyle to become settled down with a family. Judging by her behavior in the video, the latter option is highly unlikely.

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Airports have been hotspots for assaults over the past year or so. Some say this is a result of people being frustrated from lockdowns. If a person is already “on edge” then it doesn’t take much to push them totally overboard. There is also the issue of people getting a bunch of money that they wouldn’t have had before the virus hit. Stimulus checks and all sorts of other Government programs have made cheap money available like rain and sunshine. So instead of underclass, violent people fighting each other in their own “hoods”, they take it to the airport and even the airplane. The best way to curb this behavior is to increase the price of airfare and eliminate the Government subsidy of welfare-dependant people. If anyone dares to strike and/or spit on a man anywhere near an airplane like Patrica Cornwall did, then they need prison time and a travel ban.


‘Karen’ who slapped Delta passenger is ex-‘Baywatch’ actress Patricia Cornwall

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