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ASU Students Found Guilty In Multicultural Center Harassment Case

Two young female students at Arizona State University (ASU) were found guilty by the school of harassing two other students earlier in the year. The incident took place at the University’s multicultural center. The two women, who appear to be black or some other ethnicity, approached two white students in the center.

The white students had on “conservative” attire including an anti-Biden shirt and a Bass Pro Shop cap. Their choice of clothing angered the two “women of color”. So when they approached their male counterparts, the objective was to get them to leave the center. The women became very aggressive in the video. And of course, they recorded the entire conversation. Unfortunately for them, the conversation surrounding the video did not go quite as they would have hoped.

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Once the video of the multicultural center harassment hit the internet, all proverbial “hell” broke loose. Maybe the young ladies who approached the white students thought that most people would be on their side. They were sadly mistaken. Most people viewed them as bullies with nothing else better to do. Some people even took it a step further and harassed the young ladies. This is, of course, the incorrect thing to do.

The overall point here is that the videotape essentially backfired. Maybe the young ladies thought they could gain social justice activist clout by having the video go viral. That did not happen. ASU launched an investigation and found the women guilty of interfering with University activities. This decision was not received well by either woman involved with the video so they released another video attempting to debunk the decision. They threw in a few jabs at the “haters” as well. Most people who had a negative viewpoint of the first video will probably not be swayed by the second.


Multicultural Solidarity Co on Instagram: “This is our response to the university. Want to support? Link in bio.”

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