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FBI Now Investigating The Tragic Foreign Death Of Charlotte NC Woman Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella Robinson was a 25-year-old woman from Charlotte, North Carolina who tragically lost her life in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The young woman went to the tourist destination with a group of friends, all from the same general area. Within 24 hours of the trip, Robinson and one of her “friends” got into a physical altercation.

This altercation, however, wasn’t truly between Robinson and the friend. The so-called friend pummeled Robinson without any resistance. It is not quite clear what happened to Robinson immediately after the video, but what is clear is that she died at some point during this trip and was left in Mexico while the people she came with boarded flights and returned to the United States.

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The initial story from the group that came back to the United States is that Shanquella Robinson had alcohol poisoning. One member of the group, a male, initially spoke out and said that he stayed with her while help arrived as she was suffering from the poisoning. Robinson’s mother said that this male friend came by the house every day upon his return until the actual autopsy was released by Mexican authorities. The results of the autopsy changed the entire narrative away from something that resembled an accident to something that appeared a lot like it was intentional and/or neglectful.

The autopsy revealed that she suffered severe injuries to her back and neck. She also suffered cardiac arrest after the injuries, probably while a doctor attempted to save her life. The initial report of “alcohol poisoning” combined with the story from the male friend about comforting her until help arrived does not align with the autopsy.


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