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Facts Of The Colorado Springs Shooting Defy The Media Narrative

CNN analysts had a difficult time believing some facts that have been revealed about the Colorado Springs, Colorado LGBT club shooting. A 22-year-old biological male named Anderson Lee Aldrich shot many people at Club Q over the weekend. At least five died and 25 were injured with 19 injured specifically by gunfire. News reports scrambled to gather information about Aldrich at the onset of the shooting. A lot of assumptions and conclusions were reached without much information. The narrative of right-wing-inspired violence was immediately spun up. However, as more facts were revealed, that narrative quickly fell apart. CNN reported on the facts as they emerged and they had a hard time believing them.


Colorado Springs shooting: Suspect in the Colorado Springs LGBTQ club shooting is slated to appear in court today as prosecutors work to finalize formal charges | CNN

Colorado gay club shooting suspect to be at court hearing | AP News

Club Q Shooting Makes Colorado Springs Ponder Its Past and Present – The New York Times

Navy identifies Club Q victim, someone with the same name police credit with stopping the gunman

Livestream shows Colorado Springs shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich threatening to blow up home in 2021 | The Independent

Colorado club shooting suspect is nonbinary, attorneys say

Colorado Springs shooting suspect to make first court appearance | Colorado | The Guardian

BREAKING: Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses ‘they/them’ pronouns: attorneys | The Post Millennial |

Colorado club shooting suspect is nonbinary, attorneys say

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  1. Who gives a shit. The whole lot of em are mentally ill sexual deviants. Good riddance.

    Either way he’ll be living on the tax payers dime for the next 70 years to the tune of around $100,000,000 million dollars once you factor in court costs, appeals etc etc etc. And that doesnt include another ten million or so wasted on the “investigation”. He did it, no question. People died. He should die within the month if not immediately. No such thing as true justice in America. NEXT.

  2. LOL! He, excuse me, “IT”, is one of them! Ya cant make this stuff up im tellin ya! “Hate crime” my backside, I guarantee it turns out to be nothing more than a couple of homo lovers jealous spat, but the whole media spin is so typical and so hilarious! Love it!

    This is what happens when kids in American schools are being taught garbage rather than life skills. These people were environmentally conditioned and brainwashed from day one, raised to be confused, have zero conflict resolution skills, zero compassion or respect for others, and this is what happens when they don’t get their way with something, anything. We see the proof literally every day in the news and yet our education system is only pushing for more, getting worse year by year, present and future generations are doomed.


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