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FBI “Searches” Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach Home For Classified Documents

FBI agents have searched Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home for more “batches” of classified documents. This search is not considered a raid because there was no search warrant and Joe Biden’s team fully cooperates. Major news media compares this search to the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property by highlighting the “lack of cooperation” from Trump’s team.

The reality is that the FBI was in constant communication with Trump’s people about the documents before the raid. They knew Trump had them and they knew the exact location. The FBI even suggested that Trump put a lock on the door of the area where the documents were being stored. One day, the feds simply decided to conduct a raid to retrieve the documents because Trump did not want to give them up.

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Biden, on the other hand, has documents strewn about his property and office that he doesn’t even know about. This is why the FBI is “searching” for documents at Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home instead of simply retrieving them as they did at Mar-A-Lago.


FBI searching Biden Rehoboth home in classified documents probe

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FBI searches Biden’s beach house amid classified documents investigation

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