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FBI Seizes Electronic Devices From NYC Mayor Eric Adams

The FBI has seized two phones and one iPad from New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams. This is an escalation of an investigation that became public when Adams’s top fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, was raided by the FBI at her home. The investigation is over improper campaign funding. Eric Adams’s campaign is accused of accepting money from either the Government of Turkey or individuals from that country in a way that is not legal. There is also the allegation of a construction company called “KSK” having a role to play in improper donations.

Eric Adams has been vocal about the migrant crisis originating at the Southern Border that has affected New York City. Adams says that over 110,000 (and counting) migrants have arrived in the Big Apple in just over one year. The Mayor has cut funding from every service in the city to cover the billions of dollars of expenses that the migrants have racked up. Adams has attempted to petition the United States Government to send more federal funding, but it is not clear if his requests have been appropriately met.

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Some say that this FBI investigation is a form of intimidation from the Federal Government. When the home of Brianna Suggs was raided, Adams was on a plane headed to the White House to speak to President Biden about the migrant crisis. Upon landing, Adams discovered what happened which caused the meeting to be cancelled as he flew back to New York.


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