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Former NFL Player Earl Thomas Scammed By Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend For Nearly $2 Million

Former NFL player Earl Thomas is the victim of identity theft allegedly carried out by his ex-wife’s boyfriend. The former husband/wife duo divorced back in 2020 after an altercation in which they pulled firearms on each other in a parking lot. The boyfriend, 38-year-old Kevin Thompson of New Orleans, is accused of stealing $1.9 million. The astounding dollar amount is the total value of the cash he allegedly stole as well as the vehicles that he transferred from Earl Thomas’s name into his and then sold. The specific charges Thompson is facing include identity theft, forgery, money laundering, credit card fraud, computer fraud, and bank fraud. The ex-wife, Nina Thomas, is not being charged with anything, although all of the facts of the case make it nearly impossible for her to have no involvement.


NFL player Earl Thomas targeted in $1.9 million theft scheme | Jefferson Parish |

Earl Thomas’ identity stolen in alleged $1.9 million scheme

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