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FDA Approves The Pfizer Vaccine, Renames It “Comirnaty”

The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has fully approved the Pfizer vaccine for people over the age of 16. For youths aged 12-16, the Pfizer shots are still available under the Emergency Use Authorization (also known as the EUA). The shot has not been approved for anyone under the age of 12 in any capacity. The third shot widely known as a “booster” has not been approved by the FDA and still remains available strictly under the EUA.

Federal law states that Pfizer cannot place its own name in the name of its shot after approval. The solution Pfizer came up with was to simply rebrand. The set of two shots will be known as COMIRNATY. Obviously, that will be a mouthful to try and pronounce. Perhaps a breakdown of how the name came to be would help a little bit. First of all, COMIRNATY is an acronym. The “CO” represents the virus, MIRNA refers to mRNA technology, and TY refers to “community” and/or “immunity”.

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The Federal Government (including the FDA) seemed very eager to get this ball rolling. Joe Biden stated that people should be less hesitant to get their shots because they have been approved by the FDA. The Pentagon has announced a call to mandate shots to members of the US military. The list of places issuing mandates includes several other key institutions from DELTA airlines (vax or pay a consistent fine) and public schools across the nation.

The Pfizer shot (COMIRNATY) has been approved with record speed. Just as quickly as development. Vaccines normally take years, well into the decades to develop, and just as much time to approve. COMIRNATY was developed and approved in about a year. However, the FDA still has conditions for Pfizer to meet. The multi-billion dollar company must provide study results analyzing the risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, and long-term infant development in pregnant women. These results are due in 2025 and 2027 respectively. So if mandates are happening now, and it will affect millions, if not billions, of humans, then who are the test subjects going to be?


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