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Australia Has Become Nothing Short Of A Police State

Australia has, in many ways, become nothing more than a police statue due to fierce regulations over the virus. Lockdowns, mandates, travel restrictions, and more have become the norm in the land down under. Videos of Australian police getting into violent confrontations with citizens are all over social media. Australia is a continent with no other countries on its landmass, yet there are border checkpoints between states. If a person does not have the “jab”, they are often not permitted to cross into another state. All of this… just to “slow the spread” of a virus that is nowhere near out of control in Australia.

It is an understandable thing to want to contain the virus. After all, millions have been and continue to be affected by the virus around the world. That is simply a fact that no one can truly deny. However, there are limits to what a person should be required to do for the “safety” of others. Denying freedom of movement and association to an entire country just to potentially save a handful of people is not fair. The problem is that many people in Australia (and the entire world for that matter) think otherwise. They think that it is worth removing personal freedom from the citizenry if it means just one person is saved.

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