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Former Drag Queen Story Hour President Arrested For 27 Counts Of Child P*rnography

Former Drag Queen Story Hour President Brett Blomme was arrested on 27 counts of “illicit” underaged images and video. Blomme is also a current Milwaukee County Children’s Court Judge. According to reports, Blomme uploaded the illegal media from his home and from his court chambers. This, unfortunately, comes as no surprise to people who have been following the issue of Drag Queen Story Hour. In fact, Blomme’s case fits into what one can only describe as a pattern.

To back up a little bit, Drag Queen Story Hour is an extremely controversial event itself. Parents take their children to public libraries across the nation to listen to a man dressed in full “drag” (elaborate costume cross-dressing) read books and/or stories. These children range from infants on up to early elementary school age. The purpose of drag queen story hour is to promote “solidarity” with the LGBTQ+ community and for “woke” liberal parents to expose their children to people who are often “unheard”. This movement, of course, is not without its fair share of detractors. And rightfully so.

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At least one of the drag queens participating in drag queen story hour was arrested on charges of child sexual abuse. Other “drag queens” have been photographed wearing outfits that are completely inappropriate for use in the general public, let alone in front of very small children. One of these men opened his legs and flashed all of the children (and parents) while reading a book and sitting on a chair. Parents across the country have complained but have been largely met with complaints of homophobia.

As arrests and accusations against people who run these drag queen story hour events begins to pile up, the obvious question must be asked. Are these series of events at libraries with children helpful or harmful? And beyond the question of morality and productivity, are these events even legal? If drag queen story hour is legal, should it be? Legislation may need to keep up with current events if the law is to be taken seriously. Drag queen story hour must go, and it must go now.


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