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Former Friend Of Nashville Shooter Speaks Out After Heavy Criticism

A former friend of the Nashville school shooter spoke to Don Lemon on CNN after receiving heavy criticism. The shooter texted Averianna Patton just before she went on the rampage that claimed the lives of three children and three adults. The shooter, Audrey Hale, alluded to hurting herself and others in Instagram messages sent to Patton. A lot of people online and off lobbed heavy accusations at Patton for not doing enough to stop the shooting after being told about it beforehand. This line of reasoning is not true. Patton made several calls after receiving those alarming messages. She first called her father, who suggested she call the suicide hotline. Once she called the hotline, they told her to call the local sheriff. The sheriff’s office then referred her to another number. Ultimately, she was unable to receive immediate assistance to end the threat, but she made a valiant effort.


Former teammate of Nashville school shooter got unusual Instagram messages before rampage | CNN

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