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Former New York Times Writer Exposes The Ridiculous State Of Mainstream Media

Former New York Times writer Bari Weiss appeared on CNN to educate Brian Stelter about the corrupt nature of the mainstream media. It is (or should be) common knowledge that television and newspaper media have serious problems. Stories that should get covered get buried to never see the light of day if they rub a politician the wrong way. Narratives that legacy media want to push take precedent over factual information that is beneficial for the general public to know. Bari Weiss was gracious enough to take time out of her day, appear on CNN, and address these issues head-on.

Bari Weiss pointed out several hot-button issues that conservatives have expressed interest in lately. Hunter Biden’s laptop and the problem of XY men identifying as XX women then dominating their career fields are two that come to mind. Weiss says that issues like this are forbidden to speak on in the public arena. The consequences for doing so are dire. Stelter tried to counter Weiss’s argument by saying people talk about these issues all the time on all media including CNN where the interview was being conducted. Weiss made the point that if a person wants to maintain their employment and reputation, they know to avoid certain topics. Just because these issues are discussed everywhere does not mean the discussion comes without consequence.

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