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Fox News Employees Greeted By Gross Reading Materials For Pride Month

According to information revealed by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, Fox News recommends very strange reading materials to their employees for Pride Month. This is a top-down decision coming from Fox Corp, the owner of major entities such as Fox News, TMZ, and Fox Sports 1.

According to Walsh, when Fox employees log on to their employee portals this month, they are greeted with a wide array of recommendations for reading and charities. One particularly gross part of what employees see on this portal is a lesson about “glory holes.” This is in reference to a male-on-male random sexual encounter. It does not have true educational value. That doesn’t really matter to Fox, the information is still there.

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Much of the recommended reading material also links children to transgender and other LGBT movements including resources to obtain hormones. There is also an LGBT chatroom that links children as young as 13 years old to LGBT adults. All of this can be found within the employee portal of Fox Corp. It is no surprise that a company that would share such filth with its employees would hire a Caitlyn Jenner and then fire Tucker Carlson.


Matt Walsh on Twitter: “🧵1/ BREAKING: We’ve obtained internal docs from @FoxNews employees. Fox Corp is celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about “glory holes,” supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth, & deployed woke AI to monitor everyone. EXPLICIT CONTENT:” / Twitter

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