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NYC Subway Self-Defense Case Mirrors Daniel Penny With Key Difference

A 20-year-old man named Jordan Williams is being charged with manslaughter in a NYC subway self-defense case. Williams was with his girlfriend when 36-year-old Devictor Ouedraogo began to threaten people on the train. Ouedraogo went from simply threatening people to attacking them, and that’s when he punched Williams’ girlfriend. At this point, Williams and Ouedraogo begin to fight. Wiliams produces a knife and stabs Ouedraogo, killing him. He was immediately arrested and charged with manslaughter as well as possession of a weapon. It is not legal to carry a knife in New York City.

The case should be open-and-shut self-defense, but New York laws clearly do not work this way. This case is being compared to Daniel Penny due to both happening on the subway and both being seen as instances of self-defense where someone died. Daniel Penny and Jordan Williams are also both being charged with manslaughter. However, there is at least one major difference in the way the cases have been handled. The initial bail recommendation for Williams was $100,000, which is the same amount Daniel Penny was given. A judge, however, threw the bail recommendation out and let Williams go without bail.

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