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Fox News Producer Sean Langille Exposes Why Tucker Carlson Was Fired

Fox News producer Sean Langille apparently exposed the true reason why Tucker Carlson was fired from the network. Langille was recorded on at least two different occasions by an undercover journalist working for O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), headed up by James O’Keefe. James is the former head of Project Veritas. OMG does the same type of work that Project Veritas does. Needless to say, Langille did not know that he was being recorded. O’Keefe confronted Langille afterward and, of course, Langille tried to backtrack the statements that he made on candid camera.

Sean Langille told the undercover OMG journalist that Tucker Carlson said quite a few things that cost the network a lot of money. The obvious situation is the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that cost Fox over $700 million to settle. The Murdoch Family, who owns Fox News and many other things such as the New York Post, did not like Tucker wading into the waters of election interference talk. They also, according to Langille, did not like Tucker’s commentary on January 6th. Langille specifically mentioned Tucker’s commentary on Ray Epps potentially being an FBI asset. Epps was a well-known provocateur during J6 who has faced no penalty while others have been rotting in jail for over two years with no due process.

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According to Langille, advertisers have a big pull over decisions made at the network. He made a key statement during the over seven-minute video from OMG Media. The general public thinks that Fox News will lose money without Tucker, but the reality is that advertisers pay the bills. Many of these advertisers wanted to avoid the 8 o’clock hour because they did not want to be linked to Tucker. Since he’s gone, these same advertisers are returning to that coveted hour. Big Pharma also plays a role here. Although Fox News hosts, guests, and anchors may occasionally espouse anti-vax narratives, the network still gets a lot of money from big pharma companies like Pfizer.


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