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The Durham Report Confirms What Everyone Knew About The Russia Investigation

John Durham has released his report on the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation and it confirms much of what many people thought from the beginning. Durham was appointed by then-Attorney General Bill Barr during the Trump administration as Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice. His role was to investigate the origins of the Trump/Russia probe that started in 2016 as the FBI investigation called “Crossfire Hurricane.” The FBI investigation was taken over in 2017 by Bob Mueller and was then simply referred to as the Russia Investigation or the Mueller Probe.

The Durham Report finds fault with how the FBI conducted its investigation into Donald Trump. The FBI was found to have been very biased against Trump, and that bias presented itself in the manner in which the FBI conducted Crossfire Hurricane. The report shows that the same FBI officials who were heavily biased toward Trump showed the exact opposite behavior when it came to questions of foreign influence related to Hillary Clinton. The FBI knew about Clinton’s campaign to subvert Trump with loosely obtained information, namely the “Steele Dossier”, and clearly did nothing about it.

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