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Free-Speech Advocate Dave Rubin Supports France’s Ban On Pro-Palestine Protests

Free speech advocate and political commentator Dave Rubin supports a ban on pro-Palestine protests in France. This is a confusing stance for Rubin, considering how invested he is in the free-speech space. Although France is not the USA and their constitution is not the same as ours, freedom of speech is as American as Dave Rubin. Rubin started locals with the help of business partner Assaf Lev in 2020 to counteract social media censorship. He often classifies himself as a “classical liberal” and helped popularize the phrase “the marketplace of ideas,” referring to everyone being able to have a voice even if their voice is unpopular. Rubin is Jewish and gay, married to a man with whom he had two children via surrogate.


France has banned pro-Palestinian protests and vowed to protect Jews from resurgent antisemitism | AP News

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