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GOP House Rep Brian Mast Wears IDF Uniform On Capitol Hill

GOP House Rep from Florida Brian Mast wore his Israeli Defense Force (IDF) uniform on Capitol Hill. He says this was done in response to Democratic House Rep Rashida Tlaib flying the flag of Palestine outside of her office. Many accuse the Michigan “Squad” member of allying herself with HAMAS and against the state of Israel. Mast is not Jewish ethnically or religiously, however, he volunteered with the IDF in 2015. His tasks with IDF included packing medical kits and moving supplies.

Brian Mast served in the US Army from 2000 to 2011. He was injured in 2010 by an explosive while working as an explosive ordnance disposal technician. The injuries he sustained required him to become a double above-the-knee amputee. He received a Purple Heart as a result, among other awards for his 11 years of US military service. He became a member of the US Congress in 2017 and has been there ever since.

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