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Fully Vaccinated General Colin Powell Dies Of The Virus At Age 84

General Colin Powell has died of complications of the virus at the age of 84, according to a statement released by his family on Facebook. The former US Secretary of State was fully (double) vaccinated. Colin Powell was not without other health problems. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a blood cancer. Powell also had Parkinson’s disease. It is not clear what stage of the aforementioned diseases Powell was suffering from. The only information available at this moment is that he died from the virus. This story will be a difficult one for the media to approach and maintain their pro-vaccination narrative.

The treatment from the media toward Powell has been great so far because of a few factors. First of all, he was sort of repentant toward his own conservatism later in his life because of the Trump era. Mainstream media generally treat black conservative males poorly, but his repudiation of Trump was essentially atonement. The second reason Powell will be treated nicely by the mainstream media is that he obeyed. He allowed himself to get double vaccinated. So the media doesn’t have anything that they can really attack him over. Herman Cain, however, is a different story.

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The leftist establishment (which includes the mainstream media) does not like conservative voices. Especially not black conservatives, because that flies against the narrative of the racist white male conservative who wants to take everyone’s money.

Whenever a person like Herman Cain says or does something the media doesn’t like, it instantly becomes magnified because of his identity. So when Cain caught the virus last year and then died, he was routinely mocked for dying. His offense? Supporting Donald Trump at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma without wearing a mask. There is even a Reddit group with tens of thousands of people mocking people who die of the virus if they don’t obey called “The Herman Cain Award”. This sort of demeaning and bile behavior is only happening because politicos in Washington and their media allies foster an environment for it to happen.


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