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Father Arrested At Virginia School Board Meeting

A Loudon County, Virginia father was arrested back on June 22nd at a school board meeting in a now-viral video. The man was tackled by several police officers while his wife pled their case to anyone who would listen. Earlier in the year, their twelve-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at her school. The perpetrator was a fellow student who identified as transgender. This identification allowed the XY male to use the same restroom facilities with her without consequence. Unfortunately, this created the perfect environment for the boy’s criminal behavior to happen. The girl physically survived the attack but is mentally struggling to get back to normal. The boy, on the other hand, was finally arrested after he was allowed to remain in the school and assault another girl.

Northern Virginia is seen as a battleground for parental rights in public K-12 education. Several heated and/or nearly violent incidents involving parents at school board meetings have happened in this area. There is a mix of regular parents and public education lobbyists jockeying for their side. Parents simply don’t want their children to become indoctrinated with poisonous ideology nor do they want them to get assaulted. The lobbyists come from across the Potomac River to support their Capitol Hill friends and their agenda. And since everyone has a cellphone, everyone becomes a photojournalist. So, naturally, the next battle is over the dissemination of information.

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Violent arrest videos like the one in Loudon County of the distraught father are being weaponized by teachers’ union groups. The idea is to first paint concerned parents as domestic terrorists who threaten the safety of teachers and school board members. Then, these union groups want the DOJ and FBI to essentially silence the parents due to the categorization of them as “domestic terrorists”. There has even been chatter of the “Patriot Act” being invoked here. The right thing to do would obviously be to resolve the problems parents have with the school system. Safety and a lack of indoctrination shouldn’t be difficult things to accomplish. Unfortunately, there may be too many teachers and public school administrators who have a different plan than the good parents out there.


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