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Gavin Newsom And Ron Desantis Debate On Fox News With Sean Hannity As Moderator

California Governor Gavin Newsom debated Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Fox News with Sean Hannity as the moderator. There did not appear to be a live audience. Critics of the debate say that this was a waste of time as Newsom is not currently running to become President in 2024 although DeSantis is. Other observers say this debate is important because it is a preview of 2028. Then, of course, there is the constant question of Joe Biden’s cognitive function at age 81. If Biden ran a successful second campaign, he would be 86 at the end of his second and final term.

This debate can be summarized by simply explaining the differences between the two men. Ron DeSantis has a proven track record of success in Florida. His debate style was about facts, figures, and substance. DeSantis did not (or could not) rely on a beautiful personality or professional political maneuvering as Newsom did. Hannity asked Newsom direct questions over and over again, such as whether or not he would impose limits on abortion. And nearly every time, Newsom simply refused to answer the question and decided to speak about something closely related to the topic. Newsom’s style of debate, unfortunately, appeals to a certain audience who are uninterested in facts and care more about how a person makes them feel.

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