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Gina Carano Fired By Lucasfilm Over “Unacceptable” Twitter Posts

Gina Carano, an actress on the Star Wars TV show “The Mandalorian”, was fired by Lucasfilm over her “unacceptable” social media posts. The main post that caught the attention of mainstream media compared the environment of World War 2 Germany to the idea of persecuting people because of their political beliefs. While she has a lot of support from conservative-leaning voices online, she does not have that same level of support from the other side. Not only has she been fired from the Star Wars Universe television show, but she has also lost her talent agency.

Cancel culture is, of course, nothing new. It is a thing that has become a serious problem in the United States and other parts of the world. And social media is the prime culprit behind it. If a person says or does something that catches the attention of the online world in a negative way, then the digital pitchforks and torches come out. Gina Carano may have committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of the main purveyors of cancel culture by simply appearing to lean conservative.

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One of the posts in question referred to churches closed down by the virus saying that they should be able to open up if protests against whatever thing are allowed to persist. This is simply a valid point. If the virus can transmit in a church, why not in a protest with thousands of people? Another “offensive” post was about people harassing her to put her “pronouns” in her Twitter bio for “trans lives” solidarity. She refused and said she would place beep/bop/boop as her pronouns instead. The R2/D2 Star Wars reference didn’t go over to well in wokeland.

But the main social media post that really riled up the woke mob was the one where she explained the social situation in World War 2 Germany that led to the rise and power of the Nazi Party. It was not simply “the Government” or “the police” that harassed and targeted Jews. It was their own neighbors and friends that turned against them. Neighbor against neighbor was the actual problem, and that is the same thing happening in society where neighbor fights neighbor over political issues.


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