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Glenn Youngkin Defeats Terry McAuliffe To Become Governor Of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin has defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe to become the first Republican Governor of Virginia since Bob McDonnell in 2010. Youngkin won the race by about two percentage points. This margin of victory represents a 12-point swing from the 2020 election where Trump lost the Commonwealth by 10 points. The results of this race are shocking to many. However, if people have been paying close attention to Virginia and the rest of the country, this result is not surprising at all.

If the Virginia gubernatorial election was decided on the predictions of just a few weeks back, the outcome would be completely different. Glenn Youngkin was just as far back as Trump was in 2020. But then something happened. Youngkin decided to latch on to the pressing issues of not only Virginia but the nation itself. These things included but were not limited to virus restrictions and lockdowns, the ridiculous money spending on Capitol Hill that has caused inflation, and the overall poor performance of the current administration in the Federal Government.

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There is, of course, another problem that Youngkin addressed. He essentially latched his campaign to this issue that loads of Virginia parents have a serious problem with. Critical Race Theory and anything closely affiliated with it has become cancer in public school systems across the United States. The epicenter of the fight against CRT is in Loudon County (Northern Virginia). Not only is CRT a serious issue in Loudon but there are other “woke” things happening in their public schools.

A 12-year-old girl was assaulted by a boy in a Loudon County school bathroom due to the policy that allows boys to enter girls’ bathrooms if they identify as transgender. The school system allegedly attempted to cover it up. The girl’s father went to a school board meeting to express his grievance with the situation. He wound up being violently tackled and arrested by police in a now-viral video. The video was used by the National School Board Association to justify a letter sent to the DOJ and FBI accusing upset parents at these meetings of being “domestic terrorists”. Terry McAuliffe essentially gave his own campaign the kiss of death when he dismissed parents’ objections to CRT and other toxic ideologies at school during a debate with Youngkin.

The 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial election was nothing short of a red wave. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was replaced by a Republican black woman named Winsome Sears. She is a Marine Corps vet, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, and is originally from Bronx, New York City. Republican Jason Miyares replaced the controversial anti-second amendment Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring. Miyares is the first Hispanic Attorney General in Virginia’s history. Every single county in the state of Virginia leaned more Republican than they did in the 2020 election. This is a clear rebuke of Joe Biden’s policy and also of the local Virginia Government.

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