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Colin Kaepernick Compares NFL Workouts To Slave Auctions

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a new Netflix special called “Colin In Black And White” in which he compares the NFL combine to slavery. The premise of the special, directed by Ava DuVernay of “Selma”, is to chronicle the disgruntled former NFL player’s life. Clips that have surfaced online display Kaepernick narrating sections of the special in a 4th-wall-breaking style. Growing up as a biracial adopted child in an all-white family was, of course, discussed here. However, the clip that has gone viral features Kaepernick narrating a scene that directly compares the NFL combine (a series of workouts and physical tests) to American slave auctions.

The NFL combine is a workout and also a physical examination. The purpose is for NFL teams to come and check out potential NFL players right around draft time. These young men are measured in a variety of ways. The distance they can run in a specified amount of time is measured as is their weightlifting maximum. Tests for mental capacity and examinations for their physical body type are performed. Are they fat? Skinny? Skinny-fat? Muscular? These questions must be answered during the combine because that often determines who will be cut from the team before the cutoff deadline.

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Kaepernick narrated the scene in question in his now-signature all-black suited look. No tie, no colors, but with a giant afro and beard. The afro and beard is such a part of Kaepernick’s marketed and signature look that Nike has placed that on his merchandise. It is interesting that Nike is still Kaepernick’s sponsor. After all, the company has questionable (at best) labor practices overseas. And the entire issue with the NFL from Kaepernick’s point of view is labor practices. The Nike/Kaepernick relationship is clearly hypocritical considering the scorned quarterback’s disdain for the NFL and how they operate.


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