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Golden State Warriors Minority Owner Says “Nobody Cares” About Uyghur Chinese Minority

Golden State Warriors minority owner Chamath Palihapitiya says “nobody cares” about the Uyghurs and their plight in the far-western region of China. Chamath made the comments on his “All In” podcast alongside his co-hosts. This was not a “gotcha” style interview. Chinese mistreatment of the Uyghur minority is an international human rights issue that gets conveniently ignored depending on the circumstances. Other civil and/or human rights issues that are of a clearly lesser significance, however, often get lifted on a pedestal.

The Uyghur population in China is essentially being wiped away by the Chinese Government. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being killed, although that does happen. This is more of a cultural genocide. Their language, religion (Islam), and values are often being forcibly stripped away from them. Protests against what the Chinese Government are doing to the Uyghur minority often feature a phrase that reads something along the lines of “free East Turkestan” which is another name for the area. This part of China is an extreme western province that borders Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. There are all obviously Islamic countries. China does not want religion of any sort to seep into its borders, especially not Islam. So the Uyghur minority poses a serious threat.

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The NBA has been vocal about other social issues. After the league resumed after the virus first popped up on the scene, Black Lives Matter had a presence stronger than any sponsor ever had. All games during the 2020-2021 season were played in Orlando, Florida in what was called “the bubble”. The basketball court itself featured “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on the basketball court. Players were allowed to wear jerseys with the social justice mantra of their choosing on the back. Chamath may not be a fan of BLM either, but he dare not say that. He dare not risk ruining his finances due to drawing the ire of the political left or his Golden State Warriors employees. This is probably the same reason why he blows off any question of Uyghur mistreatment.

China is the largest market for the NBA. The United States has traditionally been the most lucrative due to its population size and wealth. But China is closing in on the U.S. as far as wealth and the population numbers aren’t close. China has about 1.3 billion people compared to the United States’ 350 million. The numbers are simply in China’s favor. And everyone knows that if an executive or other high-ranking person of an organization says something against the CCP, there are dire consequences. The Chinese do not necessarily threaten foreign people who insult them with violence, but they do wage economic warfare. If the NBA wants Chinese money, then they will shut up play ball.


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  1. I think this Chamath guy is right. Nobody cares about the Uyghurs. Nobody heard of them before a couple years ago. The only reason people here bring them up is to add a moral point to whatever attack they’re leveling towards an opponent, or to take them down a notch. I’m not saying that to absolve this Chamath guy of any cruelty. He’s a scumbag, but he’s a rich scumbag, that makes a bunch of money off the Chinese, so he is not going to say anything to irritate his meal ticket. Like the Afghans and the mujahideen. They were great back in the ’80s but now nobody gives AF. They’re probably all dead for all we know.

  2. 16? I think youre referring to ONE incident at a train station.. so try more like THOUSANDS brutally slaughtered in the streets of XinJiang as well as public transport stations around China, all within a weeks of each other, clearly planned and organized attacks.

    About a decade ago innocent peaceful Han Chinese women and children, people going about their daily lives minding their own business, attacked by mobs of tens of thousands of Uyghurs scattered around the cities yielding sticks, axes, knives, horrifically murdered in the streets in broad daylight. There are hours of videos of the days long incidents on Youtube etc., I suggest you look it up and see for yourself the truth on the subject.

    Add to that the fact that Uyghur’s are long known criminal gangs around China preying on innocent Han Chinese people, pickpocketing under threat of violence in busy shopping centers in broad daylight in front of everyone. Gangs of thugs stationed outside of hospitals robbing patients as they enter/exit and assaulting any Han Chinese citizens who interfere. The list goes on and on.

    So you see the truth to the matter is the Chinese govt. got fed up with the crime, violence and mass murdering tactics of the Uyghurs and locked up and/or executed any and all involved. REAL justice that Americans can only ever jealously dream of. The REAL xenophobia here is coming directly from the American govt., corporations and media. Isnt it obvious why?! China has it 100% right and we are delusionally wrong in our approach to crime and domestic terrorism. China puts victim rights and the good of society first, America puts the criminal rights first. If you murder, rape, child molest or deal drugs, you die within months after a truly speedy trial process and you literally pay for the bullet as well as all assets going to victims. In China criminals are forced to work to pay for their own existence and reparations to victims and their families. It is the complete opposite here. Our justice system has become a pathetic money grubbing cesspool.

    Today it is a statistic fact that China is one of the safest places to live with the best quality of life on the planet. Meanwhile, we are a joke in the eyes of the world today. Go figure.


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