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Father Of 24-Year-Old Slain Los Angeles Woman Blames Poor Political Decisions

The father of 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer appeared on television to discuss his daughter’s untimely death. Brianna was working by herself at a high-end furniture store in Los Angeles when she became the victim of a “random” attack. She was stabbed to death in the store in broad daylight at about 1:50pm. The suspect is a 6’3′ slender black male by the name of Shawn Laval Smith. He has an extensive criminal record with at least one dozen mug shots going back to the year 2010. Evidence gathered on the scene and from elsewhere points to Smith being homeless. Brianna Kupfer’s father’s words about politics in Los Angeles point to this senseless act being totally preventable.

Brianna Kupfer did not know the man who killed her. She texted someone before her death about the man, saying that he gave her “bad vibes”. Little did she know that this man would casually walk into her store and take her life for no reason at all just a little while later. “Random” attacks like this have become very common in Los Angeles and the left coast in general. A 70-year-old woman who was a nurse for nearly 40 years randomly punched in Los Angeles. She later died from the punch and subsequent fall to the ground. That attack happened on the same day Brianna Kupfer was murdered.

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Politicians think that homeless drug addicts have hearts of gold and don’t mean to do anything wrong. Ignorant people who are brainwashed by politicians think these people are being arrested for low-level offenses like having a marijuana joint in their car. The reality is that these people are often hardcore drug users who have committed several violent crimes throughout their lives. They are given slaps on the wrist which only emboldens them to commit not only more crimes… but new crimes with more severity.

Los Angeles has become a hotbed for all types of crime over the past few years. Large cities in the United States are not immune from crime nor should that expectation be placed on them. However, it is necessary to fight crime. Constituents of elected officials should get something in return for their vote. Los Angeles County is simply failing its millions of citizens by refusing to fight crime properly. The enabling of criminals is done under the pretense of attempting to be empathetic to those going through tough times. The end result is a dangerous, expensive place with an ever-widening gap between the political elite and regular tax-paying people.


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