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GOP House Rep George Santos Allegedly Spent Campaign Money On OnlyFans, Other Random Expenses

Gop House Rep George Santos allegedly spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on inappropriate and unrelated purchases. This news comes after a bombshell ethics report was published on the freshman rep. The report says there is evidence that he violated federal law, which could ultimately land him behind bars. His campaign was embattled from the beginning with allegations of fraud. The main issue here is the misuse of tens of thousands of dollars, for a grand total of nearly a quarter million. There is also, however, the issue of Santos lying about prior employment and a plethora of other issues.

Another obvious lie that may have been uncovered happened during a Fox News segment with Kennedy where she asked him about OnlyFans. Santos denied even knowing what it was or the concept of it until three weeks prior during a meeting at his office. He allegedly spent thousands of dollars on OnlyFans subscriptions, tips, and messages.

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Republican Rep. Michael Guest, chairman of the House Ethics Committee, filed the resolution to expel Santos on Friday. It is unclear if that action will actually take place or if Santos will be allowed to serve out his term until completion.


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