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Javier Milei Becomes President Of Argentina Amid Fury From Leftists

Controversial TV pundit turned politician Javier Milei has become President of Argentina amid furor from leftists worldwide. Milei has promised to make serious reforms to the country amid a staggering 40% unemployment rate and 140% inflation rate. The newly-elected President has pledged to “dollarize” the country, turning to use the US dollar instead of Argentine currency. He has also vowed to gut the Federal Government of all useless bureaucratic agencies such as the Ministry of Education (which he calls indoctrination).

Media agencies across the country refer to Javier Milei as a “far-right” person and also as a Libertarian. The latter is obviously true from his policy positions but that doesn’t quite align with the former description. Milei certainly wants to reduce the size of the Government, privatize previously nationalized industries, and a lot more traditionally “conservative” ideals. He also has public support from Elon Musk and Donald Trump. However, he has very liberal views on other things such as drugs and prostitution. His views on those subjects make sense when one sees him as a small Government libertarian instead of the “far-right” authoritarian that the media would love to categorize him as.

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