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GOP House Rep Lee Zeldin Attacked During Campaign Stop In Upstate NY

GOP House Rep Lee Zeldin was attacked on stage during a campaign event for his New York Gubernatorial bid. He seeks to replace liberal Democrat Kathy Hochul (who replaced Andrew Cuomo) as the next Governor of New York. His most recent campaign stop was in Perinton, New York which is directly outside of Rochester in upstate. A man in his early to mid-40s appears on stage at a certain point during the speech. Video of the incident captures audio of the crowd stunned and confused at the man’s presence. Lee Zeldin later stated that the man was wearing an Iraq War Veteran cap so he did not initially view him as a threat. Zeldin stated that the man told him “you’re done” during the attempted attack.

The man produces a “defensive key ring” weapon and tries to stab Lee Zeldin in the neck. The object looks like something a young girl would have in her purse. It was similar to brass knuckles due to having two large holes where fingers would go through and rest. The big holes were the eyes of a cat and the rest of the ring was made to look like a cat’s head. The two “ears” of the cat were pointed to resemble the fixed blades of a knife. Unfortunately for the attacker, Lee Zeldin is a trained martial artist. He used his black belt skills to think quickly and secure the man’s wrist to prevent the stabbing. Quite a few people who were nearby stepped in to subdue the suspect until police arrived just a few moments later. The attacker was charged with a felony count of assault and, unfortunately, released almost immediately with no bail.

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  1. oh come on now. anybody with eyes and half a brain can clearly see this guy was drunk, not that its any excuse for his actions. Its clear as day he just wanted the mic and was trying to bump the other guy into giving it to him hence the “youre done”.. not as in im gonna kill you, but rather as in your time is up so give me the mic. If hed wanted to kill him, hed rush and stab right? I mean seriously. As for the key knuckles, thats just him flexing, look at me, im seriously a bad ass.

    of course the real bottom line here is the guy has clearly been coddled and told ten thousand times over that “youre a hero”.. “thank you for your service”.. “I appreciate you” blahblahblah. even after the “incident, which a child or even a woman could have knocked him off the stage with a pinky push, listen to and look at the people talking to him and patting him on the shoulder.. “its gonna be ok, we’re gonna get ya some help buddy”… like PTSD or some shit. LOL Nigger please.

    and there it is, hes been appeased, emboldened, encourage to be that BIG MAN hero guy on stage, entitled af. in reality hes just your typical american loser, no purpose in life a waste of space, probably worked at kfc, bought his ged online so he could “join up” and was in the national guard for a year during the iraq war e.g. never leaving home, you were paid a shit ton of money and benefits to play army 1 weekend a month. you voluntarily signed up, you were paid handsomely and continue to receive tax payer money and benefits 20 years later, so STFU and quit moaning about it already.

    no doubt this will result in a few hundred grand in tax payer money down the legal “justice” drain. 6 months in rehab, anger counseling, PTSD counseling, drugs… you know the drill. hell, he may even get a book and movie deal out of it.

    the loser, the crowd, speaker and the resulting media “storm” – all pathetic.


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