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ATF Agents Show Up At Wilmington, Delaware Man’s Home After Legal Gun Purchase

ATF agents showed up at a Wilmington, Delaware man’s home after he legally purchased more than two guns at once from a store. The interaction from the homeowner’s point of view was captured on a Ring camera and then posted online. There were at least three agents within view of the camera. The main agent approached the homeowner’s door with paperwork in hand and asked to see the guns that were recently purchased. The objective was to match up serial numbers from said guns to the serial numbers in the paperwork.

The surprise appearance from the ATF was explained as a deterrent against straw purchases. A “straw purchase” is when one person or people buy guns for other people instead of keeping the guns for themselves. The homeowner seemed stunned that ATF agents showed up at his front door asking for him to verify that his gun purchase was above-board. Video of the incident has essentially gone viral and it has left outsiders with a ton of questions. The main question is if such a visit from the ATF violates any civil rights or not.

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Matt Rosendale calls on ATF to explain video of agents asking firearms owner for gun serial numbers – Washington Times

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  1. tax bucks hard at work right there.. intruding upon and punishing those of us who follow the laws. as if they couldnt go to literally any downtown slum at any given time of day and find tens if not hundreds of illegal firearms carried by violent felons out on no cash bail, early release, reduced sentences and parole. nigger please.

  2. Tell them to go fuck themselves and you are calling the local Sheriff. Tell them to get off of your property and shut the door in their faces. Then call the Sheriff.

  3. Folks, its real simple… in 21st century America, theres just ONE WORD in the English language you need to learn, memorize, recite, tattoo on your fcn arm if need be = LAWYER. Shut your mouth, dont say another word. Ever. Nothing. Under absolutely zero circumstances, I dont care if they ask what color your neighbors dogs hair is today, do you drink water, does a duck quack, is green grass green… the answer is always LAWYER. Imagine super-duper-extra-tight-surgically-removed-only glue on your lips. One word and one word only, LAWYER. The end.

  4. “I noticed though, you were stopped in Philly with one of your guns..”, um, okay so maybe in fact there is more to the story huh?


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