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Got the Vaccine? Thank Trump for That

It’s time we give President Donald Trump his roses and not only acknowledge him, but thank him and his administration for the successful implementation of Operation Warp Speed.

The 45th President led the development of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in record time. This move drew much controversy from the anti-vaxx community who already do not trust the production speed, and therefore safety of the “jab.” (Totally understandable.)

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But remember, this was a president who did not require citizens to get the vaccine, nor did he demand states to enforce vaccine mandates. Trump gave this vaccine option to the people without requiring anything of them.

In contrast to such benevolence, President Joe Biden recently gave what was a depressing and desperate address to the American people — the first primetime address since swearing into office in January. During his address, the 46th President resorted to guilt tripping citizens who aren’t keen on mask mandates while showing no empathy towards people who have personal reservations about vaccines.

During his address, Biden says Americans will be able to celebrate the 4th of July in small groups if everyone does their part. That takes great audacity and also arrogance, flying in the face of those who believe in the Constitution — the one that edifies our God-given right to assemble. This is contrary to Trump, who embodied the spirit of generosity by making a preventative measure available to people who wanted it, but not mandating that they receive it.

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There’s a funny meme floating around that says since Trump helped lead the production of the vaccine, progressives who are getting the shot are injecting a little bit of Trump in them. This couldn’t be truer. Those on the Left who are rushing to their vaccine appointments ought to be grateful to the previous administration. Instead they act like Trump didn’t play a role. Even Biden claimed there wasn’t a COVID vaccine available when he was sworn into office and this resulted in a righteous backlash on Twitter. I guess Trump Derangement Syndrome tends to cause people to tell blatant lies or suffer amnesia.

So will the Left FINALLY give credit where credit is due? Regardless of stances on vaccines, we can all agree that Trump is the expedient and compassionate president Biden could only hope to be.


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