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Sarah Silverman Goes On A Red Pill Rant… Or Does She?

Comedian Sarah Silverman went on what some are labeling as a “Red Pill” rant against the state of the Democratic party. The rant was captured in a video of what appears to be her podcast and quickly made its rounds on social media, especially Twitter. In the video, she speaks of her frustration with her party not truly being “progressive” and refusing to move forward.

Silverman says that there is an air of stubbornness among Democrats in the sense that everything is all one way or no way at all. AOC was even brought up during Silverman’s minute-or-so-long segment. Silverman said that if AOC brought up a good idea or good point that the GOP would reject it simply because AOC said it. That’s not quite true and Silverman’s “rant” is not quite Red Pill.

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There is currently a battle happening within the Democratic party between the far left and the “regular” left. People like AOC and “The Squad” represent the far left and the Nancy Pelosi / Chuck Schumer establishment effectively represent the “regular” left. Now, there will always be conflict between the left and the right which is a good thing. If there was no conflict between political parties, then what would happen is the one-party system that communist China currently enjoys. The problem with Sarah Silverman is that she may not totally understand the true nature of the problem that she is frustrated with.

Going back to AOC momentarily, there was a brief moment of unity between Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat AOC. During the Gamestop/Robinhood/WallStreetBets stock fiasco, AOC tweet about wanting to get some answers on what was going on because it didn’t seem right. Ted Cruz responded to her tweet publicly and agreed. AOC quickly shut his effort to extend an olive branch down by immediately retreating to her political corner, accusing Ted Cruz of trying to have her killed via the Capitol riot.

There is an air of stubbornness and inability/unwillingness to change, but it comes from the far left where Sarah Silverman essentially is. It is among people like AOC who Sarah Silverman likes. It is a one-sided problem from the far-left to the regular left and from the far-left to the right. There will be people who are left as a man without a country but they currently identify as “normie” (regular) leftists, not far-leftists like Sarah Silverman who freak out over utility marks on the ground calling them Swastikas planted by Neo-Nazis.

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