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Hillary Clinton Heckled At Colombia University Over Joe Biden’s Warmongering Speech

Hillary Clinton was heckled by a young man over Joe Biden’s “warmongering” speech during her talk at Columbia University. Biden recently announced over $100 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. These are all hot spots that could spark World War 3 the conflicts there are mishandled. Biden’s speech was very rare as he rarely takes questions or addresses the public in a long-form fashion. The rarity of such talks makes the content of Biden’s speech that much more impactful and serious. A young man in the crowd of Hillary’s speech understood this basic fact and decided to hold her feet to the fire on the issue of potentially provoking war all over the world.


Biden seeks $105 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, border

Alex Salvi on X: “Hillary Clinton, while speaking on a panel on human rights at Columbia University on Monday, is heckled by a man demanding she condemn Pres. Biden’s call to bundle aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan:” / X

‘SIT DOWN!’: Hillary Clinton confronted by anti-war heckler – YouTube

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