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The Doxxing Truck Exposing Students Who Signed “Anti-Semitic” Letter Is Dangerous

The nonprofit news watchdog group called “Accuracy in Media” hired a “doxxing truck” to identify “anti-semitic” students. The truck first appeared on the campus of Harvard University to show the names and faces of students who signed a letter blaming Israel for the recent Hamas attack. Several websites followed the doxxing truck up with full names, past employment, photos, original hometowns, and more identifying information about the students in question. This caused nine of the 34 original signees of the letter to withdraw their signatures.

UPDATE: CEO of Accuracy In Media gets swatted:

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The trucks have now expanded to Columbia University and UPenn with the same mission, to identify so-called “anti-semitic” students. The trucks are not just strolling through campus, they have also parked outside of the homes of students. Many are calling this outright harassment and an invitation to violence. Others say that this is freedom of speech and should be protected as such since the trucks are simply parked on the street.


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