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House Passes Bill Automatically Registering Men Age 18-26 For Draft

The House has passed a bill that, if it became law, would automatically register men aged 18-26 for the US Military Draft. To be exact, these men will be registered for Selective Service. This is already mandatory for men aged 18-24 to sign up for in the United States. Supporters of the pending law say this is a good thing because it will cut down on the red tape and bureaucracy of something already mandatory. It is considered a felony offense if men do not sign up for Selective Service. The automatic registration would eliminate the need to prosecute such cases.

The US Military Draft has not been in effect since 1973, near the end of the Vietnam War. Selective Service was initially created in 1917 to shore up the volunteer force for World War 1. It continued throughout that war, World War 2, other conflicts, and Vietnam. For a while after the draft was eliminated, there was no requirement to sign up for Selective Service. Jimmy Carter reinstated the mandatory component of the Service as a result of continued Cold War tensions with Russia. There is a chance that the United States could reinstate the draft and pick men from Selective Service to shore up the volunteer force, but the likelihood of that is very low.

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House passes defense bill automatically registering men 18-26 for draft | Fox News

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