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Sneako Punched In The Face After Antagonizing Detroit Security

Popular streamer “Sneako” was punched in the face by a security guard in Detroit in a completely avoidable conflict. There is some important context to mention. Sneako was in Detroit at an event headlined by another controversial streamer, Nick Fuentes. Fuentes was in town on the coattails of the big Turning Point USA event.

Several conservative political figures spoke at the TPUSA gathering, with President Donald Trump as the headliner. Fuentes and a few of his followers attempted to gain entry into the TPUSA event, but they were denied. Fuentes always tries this and is always turned away as he is known to be a rabble-rouser and a drama magnet. His racist views are typically rebuffed by both sides of the political spectrum. This is why Fuentes always has his own event near a larger gathering, such as the TPUSA event.

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As the speakers began to get racist at the Fuentes event at a local Detroit bar, the venue disinvited them. This caused a small protest immediately afterward. Sneako and a few other people were in the crowd who wound up antagonizing the bar’s security. A chant of “f u” broke out, and Sneako decided it would be a good idea to flip the guard’s hat. This caused the guard to leap off the stage and punch Sneako, breaking his front teeth.


Charging… on X: “Nick Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) & Jake Shields (@jakeshieldsajj) were Not Allowed inside Turning Point Convention for absolutely No Reason 😳 “Are we in America or Israel”” / X

AF Hasbara 🇺🇸 on X: ““Small Face!” chant breaks out when Nick Fuentes mentions the difference between AFPAC and Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA events 😂 @NickJFuentes x @charliekirk11” / X

The Barracks ☭ on X: “⚡️Developing: Footage reveals the moment Sneako gets his tooth knocked out by a security guard. Groypers are clearly harassing this man, and escalating the situation. One guy knocked his hat off his head.” / X

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