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Howard Stern Connects Will Smith’s Oscars Slap To Donald Trump

Howard Stern connected the Will Smith slap at the Oscars to former President Donald Trump’s behavior. The shock-jock’s comments were of course made on his Sirius XM radio show alongside longtime co-host Robin. They were speaking about Will Smith’s dramatic outburst at the Oscars. This commentary was pretty much on par with what most entertainment insiders say. They all have condemned it because they understand the magnitude and importance of not only the stage… but the men involved. Chris Rock and Will Smith are megastars with a lot to lose. But Howard Stern then decided to take things a little bit… left and tie Trump into the whole situation.

The general thought process from the mainstream media, including Howard Stern, is that Trump is a despicable person who embodies the worst of humanity. This thought process helps them continue the “Trump bump” meaning the increase in ratings ever since negative coverage of Trump started back in 2015. People sort of rage-watch mainstream media to either get upset at or ridicule Donald Trump. When there is no current news that ties into Trump, ratings plummet through the floor. It is at that point the media realizes they can’t sustain an environment where there isn’t a villain to lash out at. So they create more negative Trump stories even when there are none. This explains Howard Stern linking Will Smith’s Oscar slap to Trump and MSNBC linking the January 6th probe to Will Smith. These things sound ridiculous on paper but they make sense once put into proper context.

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